International Certification of Dance Studies

  • The Arkadanse Company, the teachers, as well as the students of the training are members of the International Dance Council CID with UNESCO.

  • The CID issues a certificate on parchment paper, valid worldwide.

  • Compagnie Arkadanse issues the certificate to the student during an official ceremony.

The CID offers solid guarantees since it is:

  • recognized by governments and partner of UNESCO

  • worldwide, in more than 170 countries

  • independent of any influence or interest

  • global, not tied to a particular country

  • non-profit, not accepting money other than dues

  • democratically governed by elected leaders receiving no salary

  • firmly established, with a long history of 44 years

  • competent, bringing together high-level specialists

  • encompassing absolutely all forms of dance.

Features of CID certification

  • Uniformity: identical for all countries.

  • Verification: Applications for certified students are confirmed by the CID.

  • Security: certificates are issued centrally, by the CID secretariat

  • Selection: schools, teachers and students are members of the CID

  • Equality: all dance forms, all tendencies

  • Stability: will never change

  • Flexibility: can be given in addition to other qualifications

Procedure for the International Certification of Dance Studies

  1. Compagnie Arkadanse sends a form stating that the student has completed the course.

  2. The student, nominated by the director, is admitted to the CID as a Young Member.

  3. The CID Secretariat sends Compagnie Arkadanse the International Certification on parchment paper which cannot be falsified.

  4. The head of Compagnie Arkadanse gives the students the parchments during a ceremony.

  5. The student has the possibility to continue for another training of minimum 150 hours

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